Everywhere we turn these days we are confronted with information about the poor economy and present recession.  If we are not careful, this constant exposure has a way of evoking anxiety and increasing our stress levels. As I have talked with people about our situation over the past few weeks, I am reminded of some simple principles.

When we are anxious or stressed we are usually operating primarily in our minds.  Minds can be good when exploring practical solutions to our problems but can also add to our problems when we get stuck there.  We need to utilize all aspects of our personality and realize our hearts and spirits can help us greatly during difficult times.

For example, call forth the best parts of your humanity including compassion, tenderness and care for yourself and others.  Ground yourself in whatever your spiritual beliefs are and remember to be grateful. Finally, reach out to others and spend quality time with loved ones for this where we will find the strength to cope with whatever life sends you!