I don’t know what I’d do without you during this crisis.
Susan, Client
Senior Reach has been my life-line!
Mary, Client


As a former client who really appreciates the Senior Reach program, I would encourage that it be offered in more locations.  I was an emotional mess before being introduced to it.  The support received was most welcome, the goals suggested were very helpful, and receiving a perspective from a professional individual was invaluable.
Bee, Client


As a Social Worker who helps older adults to remain as independent as possible, I have personally seen the benefit of this program.  I have seen significant changes in people that I’ve referred to Senior Reach.  I’ve observed people being in better moods, less isolated, and more independent thanks to the counseling received through this program. Through community education, people are made more aware of the potential warning signs of someone who may need their help.  Senior Reach has been a great addition to the Lakewood community. In my opinion this program has met a need that previously was completely unmet.
David Appel, M.S.W., Senior Services Specialist, Clements Community Center, City of Lakewood, Colorado


Senior Reach helps to bring people in the community closer to seniors.  As a result, seniors experience better connection to their community, less isolation, and better quality of life.
David Bartsch, Ph.D., TriWest Group
There are many good reasons for this proven, effective mental health treatment program for the older adults who live in our communities.  Senior Reach provides a much needed network of education and mental health care for the older adults who live among us.
Anne McKinley, Retired Counselor